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Our shaving products are all reusable forever, 100% recyclable, and zero waste, making them the most environmentally friendly razors on the Planet.

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Our razor blades don't have a patent and aren't made under license. Choose from dozens of blade manufacturers or simply use our zero-waste refills.


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No subscriptions + designed to last forever. Own a lifetime's worth of shaving.

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Billions of plastic razors go to landfill every year*

Most disposable razors from companies like Gillette or Harry's are made from mixed materials.

As a result these are not accepted by the majority of recycling centers.

*United States Environmental Protection Agency

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Disposable razors — cheap to produce, expensive to recycle

Disposable razors and cartridges are made by moulding plastic around metal blades. This makes the two materials very hard to separate.

Most recycling centers do not accept them because of the high cost of recycling.

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