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About the Shave-Zero Razor

When should I use my Shave-Zero razor?

We find the best time to use your razor is straight away after you've been in the shower or had a bath. This is because your beard hairs will be softer and easier to cut.

If you can't shower or bathe before you shave, we suggest you apply some moist heat to your face. You could use a warm wet towel heated in the microwave.

How do I use the Shave-Zero razor?

Before you shave always apply a shaving soap, cream or gel to you face.

Hold one of the long edges of the razor head at a 30° angle to the surface of your skin.

Using short strokes, without applying any pressure, allow the weight of the razor to cut the hairs, making sure to follow the contours of your face as your shave.

After 3-4 strokes rinse the razor in a sink, or bowl of warm water by shaking it quickly from side to side in the water.

Before continuing with the next 3-4 strokes, rotate the razor 180° in your fingers to expose the opposite side of the double-edged blade. Do this after every time you rinse your blade.

If the blade starts pulling instead of cutting, you may need more preparation, or if not it is time to replace your blade.

When should I replace the blades?

Replace your Shave-Zero razor blades as soon as you feel the blade pulling rather than cleanly cutting the hairs.

There is no set time between replacing blades as it depends on the thickness and amount of hair have.

As our blades only cost pennies to replace, you don't need to worry about replacing your blades too often.

How do I replace the blades?

When it's time to replace the blade, simply unscrew the handle and change the blade for a new one making sure to grip them by the shorter, blunt edges only.

Afterwards screw the razor together again ready for your next shave.

The used razor blades can then be collected up for later recycling at your local recycling centre.

We recommend a used-blade bank for safe and efficient recycling of your used blades.

How do I recycle the blades?

The Shave-Zero razor's blades are made from stainless-steel and are widely accepted at recycling centres via the metal recycling collection bins.

We recommend you collect the blades up in a suitable container, such as a used-blade bank for the safest and most efficient way to collect your used blades.

Though recycleable, metal is not widely accepted through your kerbside collection.

How should I look after my razor?

When finished, rinse away any remaining shaving cream under warm running water or by shaking it from side to side in a sink full of warm water.

Unscrew the razor into it's separate pieces, and allow to dry, making sure to set aside the blade for reuse or recycling.

If necessary use a soft nylon brush to remove any soap scrum build up.

Can I use shaving foam?

Of course. However at Planet, we don't sell shaving foam.

Shaving foam cans are not widely accepted for recycling for a number of reasons.

Firstly shaving foam is packaged in mixed materials and the plastic nozzle is often hard separate from the metal can.

Also the can contains high-pressure gasses and left over foam. These need to be completely removed so recycling can safely begin, which can be very time consuming.

Shaving foam is also a mixture of liquid and gasses which are less efficient to transport and have a higher carbon footprint than a shaving cream or shaving soap.

We highly recommend you use a sustainable, quality, high-fat shaving cream and a plastic-free shaving brush, which you can find in our shop.

Can I use it on other parts of my body?

We have many users reporting success using the Shave-Zero razor on other parts of their body.

We suggest you trim any hairs you wish to shave short with a guarded hair trimmer first. This will prevent the razor clogging up with hair.

We don't recommend you put shaving creams designed for your face on any sensitive areas as the ingredients can cause discomfort. Instead we suggest you shave sensitive areas under warm running water, such as in the shower.

Make sure all skin you are shaving is pulled taught to prevent nicks and cuts, and avoid any raised or uneven areas of skin, such as moles and skin tags.

Shaving Advice

What causes shaving rash?

There are several types of shaving rash.


Blood spots

Ingrown hairs

How do I avoid cuts?

Shave across the tops of your lips, not down towards them.

Be careful around your Adam's Apple as it's very uneven, and it's easy to cut the skin with the corner of the razor.

Always draw the razor downwards, never across your skin.

How do I prevent blood spots?

To avoid pulling out hairs instead of cutting them cleanly, learn the grain of your facial hair before you shave.

How do I stop ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hairs usually occur when you shave too close to or below the surface of your skin.

How can I get a closer shave?

Pull your skin smooth where you are shaving, but not tight or you run an increased risk of ingrown hairs.

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