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Premium Razor

Premium Razor

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No-Consumption Shaving

Improve your skin, cut out plastic waste, and save up to 95% on shaving. Leave behind gimmicky, overpriced razors, and try this superior old-school shave with a modern, minimalist twist. No more subscriptions and expensive marketing, embrace no-consumption and save a fortune while ditching plastic waste.

Shave close with a single, high-quality blade and avoid the razor burn and ingrown hairs you get from multiple-blade cartridges. With just one sharp blade, this razor gives the closest, most comfortable shave you've ever experienced. Made from metal alloy with an ultra-hygienic chrome finish, it's weighted in your hand for an effortless, smooth shave.

All our razors come with our 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime parts cover, ensuring a first-rate shave forever.

What's included?

  • Premium Stainless Steel Razor
  • 10 FREE Zero-Waste Refills — 100+ shaves
  • Lifetime Parts Cover

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How does it work?

The simple, no-consumption design has a single, 100% recyclable, replaceable blade that can be used for up to 5 or more shaves.

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Free Standard Delivery on orders over £30.

100% recyclable, plastic-free packaging.

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Premium Zero-Waste Shaving

How Does It Work?

Replace the blade every 5-10 shaves. With blades costing 10p each, that's as little as 1p per shave.

It couldn't be easier AND everything is 100% recyclable.


Our Blade vs. Cartridges

100% recyclable Thrown away
No-waste Landfill / incinerated
Natural materials Environmental pollutant
Low cost Heavily marketed
Low consumption Wasteful design

Everything is Covered by our Lifetime Guarantee*

*See product info for terms

Product Information

Zero-Waste Razor — Plastic-free, 100% Recyclable

Lifetime parts guarantee

We'll replace any broken parts for free, forever.

Does not include damage from improper use or consumable items: e.g. blades. See included shaving guide for correct use.

Care instructions

After use, take apart the razor, rinse it with water, and leave it to dry.

If necessary clean the parts with a soft cloth or soft nylon brush to remove any soap scum buildup.


This razor should last a lifetime, or longer if properly cared for. However, if it needs to be disposed of everything can be recycled or composted.

Fully recyclable via the metal recycling bin at your recycling centre.

Fully recyclable via the metal recycling bin at your recycling centre. The cardboard and paper packaging can be recycled via kerbside collection or composted.


Razor — Stainless-steel + brass
Razor blades — Stainless-steel
Packaging — Paper & cardboard

Postage packing supplied by noissue.

Size + weight

43mm W × 107mm L × 25.4mm D
(1.7in. W × 4.2in. L × 1in. D)

150g (0.33lbs)

More Questions?

See the FAQ for more information.


More Low-Consumption Shaving

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Multiple Blade vs Single Blade

Fewer blades + more reasons to go Zero-Waste

Multiple blades — Tough on your skin, and your wallet.

Multiple-blade razor cartridges are far more expensive and less hygienic than our single-blade refills.

The high cost leads many people to draw out the lifetime of their multiple-blade cartridges, making them dull and dirty, causing them to irritate your skin. The blades are also tightly spaced and clog very easily.

Our single blade is inexpensive so you can replace it as often as you need. The single-blade design is also easy to rinse clean after every shave.

Multiple-blade cartridge razors need you to press down and make many passes over your skin.

Multiple-blade razor blades are not sharp. You may need to go over the same area as many as five times to get a good shave. This is very hard on your skin.

Our single, high-quality blade gives you a closer shave with only one pass. If you want to go even closer, you can use two or even three passes.

Plastic razors are also lightweight requiring you to press down to shave properly. This only increases skin irritation.

Our razor is weighted to give you the correct amount of pressure to shave.

Multiple-blade shaving under the microscope

Multiple-blade razors are prone to giving you ingrown hairs because of the way they work.

The blades in multiple-blade razors are not as sharp as a well-made single blade.

When shaving with multiple blades, the first blade can pull at the hair and then the remaining blades will cut it closer and closer to the skin.

The hair is then let go and returns below the surface of the skin. At this point it can grow back under the skin, causing nasty, painful red bumps.

A sharper, single blade simply cuts hairs cleanly at the surface instead, preventing ingrown hairs.