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No-Irritation Shaving Subscription

No-Irritation Shaving Subscription

Prevents razor burn and shaving rash

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3 month shaving package

Includes FREE shaving brush and/or metal razor + stand.

Avoid razor burn, shaving rash, nicks or cuts and dryness with our dermatologically and professonally proven shaving subscription.

Prevents irritation

Keep your edge sharper for longer, reducing irritation and keeping your shave smoother. With only a single high-quality edge you can renew your blade more often and reduce the friction from multiple blades.

Made from metal alloy with an ultra-hygienic chrome finish, and a heavy duty safety bar that prevents nicks & cuts, this razor is weighted in your hand for an effortless, smooth shave.

Naturally soothing and hydrating

Forget dry, tight skin with our shaving cream. With extracts of camomile, sheep's wool, mint, and honey, hydrate your skin and cut out the drying alcohols found in shaving foams.

Stimulating and exfoliating

Exfoliate your skin and stimulate your facial hair as you apply your shaving cream with a natural bristle brush, increasing the smoothness and closeness of your shave even more.

What's included?

Razor + Lather Subscription

  • FREE: Premium stainless-steel razor, razor stand + shaving brush (RRP £58)
  • 30 double-edged stainless-steel razor blades
  • Naturally soothing shaving cream
  • Costs less than 33p per shave

Razor Only Subscription

  • FREE: Premium stainless steel razor + razor stand (RRP £34)
  • 30 double-edged stainless-steel razor blades
  • Costs less than £1 per week

All subscriptions are covered by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Parts Cover.

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How to use your Planet


Gently place the razor head against your skin, tilting the handle to about 30° until the blade just touches it.

Letting the weight of the handle do all the work, and without applying pressure, draw the razor in short strokes over your skin, rinsing and rotating it every few strokes.

Replace the blade every 3-5 shaves, or when it begins tugging and no longer cuts cleanly with minimum effort.

Brush + Cream

Soak the brush in warm water for 30 seconds, remove it and let any excess water drain off.

If using a bowl (recommended), put a finger tip of shaving cream inside a small round bowl and whip the cream for up to 30 seconds, or until it is a thick lather, then apply to the skin using small circles without bending the bristles of the brush.

Alternatively, brush a thin layer of cream directly onto the skin using small circles until a lather forms, reapplying cream to the brush when needed.

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Free Standard Delivery on all orders.

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Standard Delivery — 2 business days
Express — Next working day

100% recyclable, plastic-free packaging

Why Planet?

Shaving with Planet is the most cost-effective, irritation free and environmentally friendly way to wet shave.

Planet Shave Clubs, Cartridge Razors
No shaving rash
Prevents razor burn
Stops ingrown hairs
100% recyclable
Zero plastic
Blades cost / week* 70p £2.50

*Daily shaving

Feel the Difference in 30 Days, Guranteed

If you don't experience a reduction in shaving rash, razor burn and ingrown hairs we'll refund you.

Product Information

Sensitive Shaving Subscription

Lifetime parts guarantee

We'll replace any broken parts for free, forever.

Does not include damage from improper use or consumable items: e.g. blades. See included shaving guide for correct use.

Care instructions

After use, dismantle the razor, rinse it with water, and leave it to dry.

If necessary clean the parts with a soft cloth or soft brush to remove any soap buildup.


Fully recyclable via the metal recycling bin at your recycling centre.

Fully recyclable via the metal recycling bin at your recycling centre. The cardboard and paper packaging can be recycled via kerbside collection or composted.


Razor — Stainless-steel + brass
Razor blades — Stainless-steel
Packaging — Paper & cardboard

Postage packing supplied by noissue.

Size + weight

43mm W × 107mm L × 25.4mm D / 1.7in W × 4.2in L × 1in D

150g / 0.33lbs


5.0 out of 5 stars avg. rating

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